Lumine Solicitors is a London based law firm that serves clients from all parts of England and Wales

Lumine Solicitors is a London based law firm that serves clients from all parts of England and Wales

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Solicitors play a fundamental role in resolving complicated issues by providing expert legal
solutions as well as legal advice. Advice from the right legal professional can resolve
complicated matters by providing the best course of action.
For most matters, your choice of legal representation is pivotal in determining the outcome of
your case, and so it becomes essential for you to choose a compatible and knowledgeable
solicitor. For instance, in an immigration matter, a person would feel confident with a solicitor
who specialises and has substantial expertise in that area of law.

The following tips will provide you a better understanding to choose a suitable solicitor:


1. Long term or short term

Before deciding on a law firm or solicitor, you need consider the services and kind of advice
you require. You should identify whether require legal assistance on a current situation or if you are looking for a solicitor to handle your legal affairs for a longer period.

2. Area of Law

Old furniture can wear out and beDue to the extensive nature of law, solicitors tend to specialise in various area, however, there
exist solicitors who tend to practice in multiple areas of law. Depending on our situation and
requirements, you would have to decide whether you require a specialist solicitor or a general
practice lawyer.come uncomfortable. It is time to replace your old furniture if it feels lumpy or worn. This will give you the comfort and style you need, as well as peace of mind.

3. Do your research

It is crucial that you do not rush the research process. We advise that you take your time to
conduct research about different firms and services available. You can then compare the fees
of various firms and request multiple consultations to find the best lawyer for you. It is
worthwhile to conduct research to locate a law firm that specializes in the area you require
advice in.

4. Location

We are currently at the forefront of technology and so almost all communication will be carried
out via emails, phone-calls, and other similar means of communication. Though many people
prefer local law firms, it is best to choose a solicitor based on quality, similar outlooks and not
based on Geography.
Lumine Solicitors is a London-based law firm that serves clients from all parts of England and
Wales. We are known to provide high-quality service to all our clients regardless of their

5. Legal fees

Legal costs and fees can be one of the major areas of concern, especially of you are seeking
assistance on a complex issue. At times you might be tempted to continue with an affordable
option, however it does not necessarily mean that the services provided would be the best. It
up to your discretion to decide the amount you are willing to spend on legal fees.
Don’t be discomfited with the idea of discussing billing and legal costs with the solicitor
beforehand. We recommend that you acquire an in-depth understanding of how and when you
will be billed. If you are discontented with the proposed costs, you could survey the
surrounding law firms to acquire a greater understanding regarding solicitor rates. Once you
appoint your solicitor, make sure you clarify the cost terms.

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6. Why us

At Lumine Solicitors, you will be provided professional legal advice by talented solicitors with
regards to your issues. As a regulated law firm, our clients are also protected by the Solicitors
Regulation Authority. Our solicitors offer support and specialise in the following areas of law:

– Immigration & Family Law

– Residential & Commercial Conveyancing

– Landlord & Tenant Disputes

– Civil Litigation

– Wills & Probate

– Family

We are proud of our high success and client retention rates. We provide services with
completely transparency and have client centric values. Our aim is to offer high standard, costeffective services while establishing and maintaining long lasting relations with clients.

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